Blogs All About Department Of Industrial Chemistry- Itm Vocational University, Vadodara

All About Department Of Industrial Chemistry- Itm Vocational University, Vadodara

The Department of Industrial Chemistry falls under the domain of the Faculty of Life, Health and Allied Sciences (FLHAS). The department is running bachelor's and master's courses (B.Sc. IC and M.Sc. IC).

Industrial Chemistry is one of its kind, of course, as it serves to be a bridge between core chemistry and chemical engineering. The syllabus of B.Sc. IC and M.Sc. IC has been designed specifically to mould the students into industry-ready professionals. Considering the ample number of chemical and pharmaceutical industries in and around Vadodara and in the state of Gujarat, this course serves to be a job provider to young graduates.

The department offers a vivid infrastructure to students with all types of chemistry lab glassware, apparatus and instruments. There are two chemistry labs for the department- Wet lab and Dry Lab. pH meter, conductivity meter, melting point apparatus, distillation apparatus, viscometer, flash point apparatus, pour point apparatus, muffle furnace, and centrifuge machines are a few of the important instruments available in the laboratory. As the subject of industrial chemistry bridges the gap between core chemistry and chemical engineering, our students are properly exposed to practicals related to the chemical engineering domain, which they perform in world-class laboratories such as fluid mechanics lab, heat and mass transfer lab, which are available in the ITM Vocational University campus.

The last semester of B.Sc. IC and M.Sc. IC course has been designed to have a compulsory industrial internship programme. It is mandatory for a student to undergo an industrial internship and submit a thesis at the end of the same. If the student is more interested in pursuing research and development activities, then the provision of an in-house internship under the guidance of departmental faculty members is also available. An internship programme is a unique approach focusing on skill-based (vocational) education of the students as they do not have to undergo vigorous pen-paper type of examination. Rather they focus on improving their practical skill sets and prove the same with presentation and viva examination followed by thesis submission.

Industrial Chemistry is a vibrant department. It regularly organizes industrial visits to various types of industries, such as the polymer industry, coating and paint industries, and wastewater treatment plants, to name a few. Besides this, the syllabus of all courses under the department are revised every year during the Board of Studies, keeping in pace with the upcoming trends and technologies in the field of chemistry. We have an MOU tie-up with Lupin Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and we are providing 100% internship placements and job placements to our students in coordination with the training and placement department of the University.

If electrons and protons really clog your mind and make you explore more, then ITM Vocational University is the right choice for you to pursue your degree in the field of chemistry. Do visit us !!

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