HOSPITALITY…. what is it? A good way to think of the objective here is to view it as the provision of a ‘home away from home’ for people to enjoy. It has been inculcated into us since we were born, “MEHMAN NAWAZI”, and this is our very own Indian Tradition, which we’ve been following, so now the question arises that Hospitality which we’ve been following from our homes, what about it in terms of CAREER?

The best part here is that this has given us an opportunity, in terms of career-making, yes, it’s true…CAREER IN HOSPITALITY is the latest trend. No one really believed in making a career in this industry, which is a real dream come true.

So now your concern arises about how can you continue in Hospitality; just like any other field here too moral education towards this field is a must, but with this study, it opens for you a plethora of opportunities; it’s like Pandora's box which is full of surprises and many pathways ahead. One needs to have plenty of qualities in himself. interpersonal skills & leadership skills are two important skills required to be successful in this field. One main skill required is friendliness which leads to good relationship between the guest and the host, staff member or business. This industry always needs some wow moments every minute which excite the guests.

These Career Opportunities in this industry begin right after your High School studies, where-in you get to do a 3-year Degree Course in Hospitality and Tourism Management, which is the first and firm stepping stone onto your career-building path.

Now, these courses in terms of Graduation in Hospitality and Tourism Management are provided by so many colleges and institutes, and ITM Vocational University is one of the prominent ones in them. This course provides you with a complete in-depth study of this Hospitality Industry, with a varied subject which includes Food Production (Detail Knowledge of how the Kitchen Department works on a professional level), Food & Beverage Services (Detail Knowledge of how a Restaurant works on a professional level), Front Office ( Detail Knowledge of how Rooms Business is done with a professional touch to it), Housekeeping ( Detail Knowledge of how hygiene and room maintenance is done on a professional level). Even the educational factors post 10th, and 12th are open for all, i.e. an individual from any stream of study is eligible to undertake this opportunity.

The Best part is yet to come in terms of the Hospitality Career after doing this fabulous course, i.e. Getting work, this one course brings openings into:

  • Hotels
  • Cruise Liners
  • Event Management
  • Airline Management
  • Retail Management
  • Guest Relation Management
  • Banking Sectors
  • BPO & KPO
  • Academics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Administration
  • Hospital
  • Corporate Sector
  • Service Industries
The list is enormous so are the opportunities, as these sectors are all totally relied on to the Hospitality Sector, hence giving us a continuous, never-ending opportunity to build a secure and competitive carrier. You can choose any sector according to your wish and continue in this industry.

A career in this industry is henceforth the most growing and popular fields, which has an added advantage, of being a course which imparts Practical & Theoretical Knowledge which gives an individual, proper foundation to study as well as self-reliant in working and start earning at an early stage of the budding career, across the world.

So do not give second thoughts, and give your careers a kick start with this flaming opportunity to flourish and study Hospitality Management. ITM Vocational University is always there to help you in completing and making a successful career in hospitality.

- By
Amit Mathai
Assist. Professor

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