Blogs How to prepare for MHT CET 2022? - 13 Tips from CET Toppers

How to prepare for MHT CET 2022? - 13 Tips from CET Toppers

MHT CET entrance exam scares even the brightest students. It is considered one of the most biggest and difficult engineering entrance exams in India. Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) is a state-level entrance exam. Students have to undertake this exam if they wish to pursue various undergraduate courses after 12th.

The fields include -

  • Agriculture
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering
  • Health Science
  • Technology, etc.

The scores obtained in this entrance exam will be considered for their further admission process in different colleges of Maharastra state. The government of Maharashtra organizes this entrance exam under State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra.

Aspiring students start their entrance exam prep months ahead. - which they normally should. After all, the anxiety and the pressure to perform well keep on rising once the entrance exam date starts approaching. Now, we know that the entrance exam can hit your nerve, and can be very daunting and mentally stressful for everyone. But, don’t you worry, as you must have read the title, we have scouted some useful tips for CET, validated from the toppers themselves. After all, who wouldn’t relish some effective tricks from experienced souls?!

These tips won’t just fetch you good marks but, they will ease off your tension and help you study effectively. You can follow these tips for any other entrance exams since most of them are universal and adaptable. And since MHT CET 2022 will be commencing soon, you better get rolling with your prep.

Ps. We hope you all have already registered for MHT CET 2022. If not, please do soon. And in case you have any doubts or questions regarding MHT CET 2022, we have an entire blog on FAQs related to MHT CET 2022. Do check it out.

So, let’s get started with the essential tips for MHT CET 2022 entrance exam prep.

  • Before starting with anything else, a candidate must be aware of what the exam is, its result structure, the importance of this entrance exam, and all the general knowledge related to it. Once you know what you are signing up for, the journey becomes easier to carry out.
  • Stay informed about the main websites and sources from which you can get correct information. Sometimes, the dates of application filling, exam, results, etc get preponed or postponed. Therefore, you must stay alert and informed about these things through the right sources.
  • Before starting with your studies, go through the syllabus structure, subject-wise. Doing so will help you analyze what topics are your strengths and which ones you might need to dedicate extra time to.
  • The exam pattern must also be overviewed beforehand. Observe how the questions are posed in this exam, what types of questions are asked in what manner, the weightage given to various topics, etc. Also, make sure you know the marking structure of these exams.
  • Make an exam strategy after examining all the above factors. Make sure it is suitable for you and your daily life routine. A good timetable/ exam strategy will help you score well and get into an esteemed university. For that, your study plan must include -
    • Enough time to prepare for every subject.
    • Considering the time to prepare for a mock test and practice papers.
    • Keep extra buffer days for uncertain scenarios.
    • Keep time for extracurricular activities and hobbies.
    • Allot days/slots just before the entrance exam for final revisions.
  • Referring to the right study materials is another important point you need to note. We have covered them in our previous blog, you can go check it out.
  • Along with the books and online/offline study materials, please go through the previous year's papers. Observe the pattern of questions, the way they are asked, and which ones are repetitive most of the years.
  • Solve practice papers as much as you can. This will not only help you gauge the topic you need to focus on more but also help you manage your time. Time management is the most important thing you have to keep in mind while solving MHT CET 2022 entrance exam. Sample Papers and Mock Tests are available online for you to work on. Your speed will eventually increase after solving them. Additionally, you will get to gauge your preparation level as well. This is probably one of the most important tips for CET.
  • No need to study the entire syllabus. Focus more on the important topics of every subject. Although, keep in mind to have knowledge about the remaining portion.
  • Make your very own personal notes on every subject. Topic-wise. So that it is easier to study in a short amount of time during final revisions prior to your exam.
  • Start your revision at least 20 days before your entrance exam. Remember, DO NOT SKIP IT. Proper timely revisions and mock tests will give you all the confidence you need.
  • DO NOT overthink or get stressed out right before the paper. If you do so, the same will get carried forward during your examination and will later reflect in your marks. Take a few moments to relax prior to your exam and go in with a calm mind.
  • The most important tip of all is not to forget you have a life. While preparing for this exam, students tend to push their limits. They become competitive with themselves and study very intensely. This should not be the case. Yes, we know CET examinations are hard for everyone and that one must be away from all the distractions at all costs. But, this does not mean you leave everything and just study like a robot. No. One must allow themselves frequent breaks during these intense study sessions to help their mind relax a bit. This also helps in recharging for the next slot you have planned ahead of you. Try involving yourself in some outdoor physical activities. Breathe in some fresh air and get some sweat running down. This is actually a great way to destress your tired mind from all the studying.

We hope these tips for CET will help you get through your entrance exam preparations. We wish you all the best and hope you stay mentally and physically fit as you do so.

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