Blogs Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Technology “A Feather to the Hat” for Industrial Chemistry

Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Technology “A Feather to the Hat” for Industrial Chemistry

In Industrial chemistry, a student learns and practices to use different physical and chemical processes to obtain the finished products from raw materials. As we all know, Gujarat is becoming a global chemical manufacturing hub and is having approximately 3500 pharmaceutical manufacturing units. And if we talk about India as a country, Indian Pharma ranks third in pharmaceutical production by volume. ITM Vocational University helps a student to learn various physical and chemical processes. India manufactures 60000 distinct generic brands in 60 therapeutic categories, accounting for 20% of the global supply of generic medicines as per the annual report 2021-2022 presented by the Department of Pharmaceutical, Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers, Government of India. Pharmaceutical Technologyused in Pharmaceutical Companies are among the various technologies learned by the students of Industrial Chemistry.

If we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, chemists are usually involved in drug development and study their properties to govern the quality and efficacy of medicines. Their primary responsibility in this domain is to enhance the quality of products while ensuring consumer safety.

Under the Pharmaceutical Technology subject, students get to learn the preparation of different types of drug formulations through different production processes. They also get to learn the synthetic procedure of various drugs, the types of synthetic agents and how to validate the synthesis. They also study different Pharmaceutical Technology, including pharmaceutical equipments and its uses. Students also get to study how to carry out the in vitro and in vivo studies along with the principles of drug and drug delivery systems.

Things learnt in Pharmaceutical Technology and its application in pharmaceutical manufacturing units in the form of duties and responsibilities.

  • To synthesize intermediates and APIs in the R&D department.
  • To validate the synthesis in the ADL department.
  • To maintain and update GMP complaints along with the futuristic analytical laboratories.
  • To conduct a chemistry-related test of the entire QC batch.
  • To evaluate natural and synthetic materials by using different scientific techniques.
  • To prepare, update and maintain reports based on scientific deduction.
  • To develop and present well-drafted technical presentations on R&D reports and also to file regulatory filings documented.
  • To resolve complex analytical issues inclusive of validation and development of analytical procedures.
  • To interpret all master manufacturing formula documents.
  • To ensure to follow cGLP, cGMP and OSHA guidelines with respect to work safety and practices.
  • To train laboratory staff members about how to use analytical and equipment techniques.
  • To evaluate raw, intermediate and final products along with their stability as per provided guidelines.
  • To explain and maintain all laboratory equipments.
  • To write, revise and prepare SOPs as per requirement.
You can make a career in Pharmaceutical Technology at ITM Vocational University with the best knowledge from industry-trained faculties. ITM Vocational University offers many benefits. One of the benefits provided by ITM Vocational University is you get placement assistance. Choose ITM Vocational University to pursue Pharmaceutical Technology.

--By: Dr. Ruby Kharwar, Assistant Professor, Industrial Chemistry Department

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