Blogs Non-Clinical Optometry Careers - Part 2

Non-Clinical Optometry Careers - Part 2

In our previous part 1 blog, we learnt about how things can come on an amazing note when we are looking forward to using our BSc optometry degree. Within so many things to work on, how about something that will bring a better case study and scenario on the role, when it comes to having your degree will be finished from a prestigious Institute of health sciences?

From our previous blog, we believe you have had multiple options to choose as your career. This is more about making sure, your investment in the BSc optometry course counts.

Willing to try something that would help you make sure your investment in BSc optometry is a good case to hold onto. You would have brilliant ideas and you can utilise them in coming up with various career choices.

Here are a few more options that would make sure your BSc optometry course might get help:

  1. Establishing oneself as KOL

KOL or key opinion leader is someone who helps people to make informed decisions. Being a KOL post completing your BSc optometry from any well-known Institute of health sciences, you will have better insights into some matters as compared to others.

The key role of your task would be basically, it will include values that would help to evolve into a respected, trusted, innovative and influential KOL.

To start as one, you would need to have:

  • Create a niche; concentrate on a certain area of expertise, like dry eye, and rise to prominence.
  • Speak in gatherings or conferences.
  • Post papers and research in journals and magazines for the medical field.
  • Take part in prominent clinical trials.
  • Become a member of the board of a reputable company.
  • Create novel procedures or therapies that enhance the patient experience.
  • Create a trustworthy brand and a robust social media presence.

  1. HealthCare marketing manager

People need to be informed about various things that would help them in making informed decisions. There are various things that one could easily undertake. For a better health decision that is made under well-informed conditions, we can make sure of bringing better information on the role.

As a healthcare marketing manager, post BSc optometry completion, one would be responsible to help people know the various schemes and possibilities related to health.

  1. Billing and coding or medical insurance consultant

Post a well-done BSc optometry course, there are endless opportunities and one of them is becoming a Billing and coding or medical insurance consultant.

To help people with a well-informed process, you can help the efficiency of contracts, claims, and payments about the plethora of insurance providers.

You will also be helping in educating doctors and staff on coding and billing changes. Thus post well-completed BSc optometry, you can help well in recording audits for offices.

  1. Medical Blogger

With all of your investment in completing your BSc optometry, how about using it well and making sure you are ending on some better results?

These days bloggers are in a greater role. They are the best ones to help people in receiving information and they are the ones who are well settled with imparting information as well.

How about taking all the insights and information well that you learned during the BSc optometry course and then applying them to bringing the right pieces of information on the social media platforms?

You can impart your knowledge in such a way that it arises the interest of other people and it helps them in understanding topics even better.

  1. CE lecturer

Being well invested in BSc optometry, you will be knowing a lot of concepts. How about making sure, things are working out right and that you are investing well in the lives of a future generation, willing to learn more about BSc optometry?

CE of continuing education programs would need you to advance your profession and make sure all that you learn in your program can be well sorted and contained within teachable presentations and lectures.

This will help you to use the knowledge that you gained in BSc optometry. And this will help the future generation as well, so they can learn well in the right atmosphere.

One does not only need to stick to a particular option post BSc optometry completion.

But when you set out on this journey, how about making sure these things are well taken care of, namely:

  1. Dedication
  2. Exploring and learning something new
  3. Making consistent efforts
  4. Willing to give up on things that do not serve you any longer
  5. Ready to bring better out-of-the-box ideas and make consistent efforts to be in that zone


With so many things that could be done post BSc optometry, there might be something that you would like to do and there might be something that you would not.

But if you have multiple options to choose from, you would be able to make sure things are working out right and in a better case.

The best part is, even though you have completed your Health science courses, you can take some better-informed insights in hand and work on the role, that you would like to do and accomplish!

This is not only about having better cases on your hand and even a better carer, but even if you need help with what way to go when it comes to BSc Optometry, our team is here to help you through.

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