Blogs Top 6 MBA program specializations in demand you can opt.

Top 6 MBA program specializations in demand you can opt.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a well-known grad program. Every industry demands an MBA program, and the hiring manager is seeking MBA program holders for managerial positions. There are numerous types of MBA programs around the globe with various specializations. This MBA specialization is globally excepted and makes the candidate expert in the particular area.

What is an MBA program or MBA specialization?
MBA stands for Master of Business Administration; it is the program or post-graduation course offered by Business schools or B-schools globally. The MBA program is designed with such enthusiasm by the B-schools that it endeavour's to accomplish the student's career goal.
During the MBA program, the students will develop their business skills, update their knowledge, and stay aware of the current market trend.

MBA Specialization
MBA programs are available with MBA specialization - also called MBA Concentration. MBA program concentration enhances the core knowledge of the MBA and prepares the student for the career in which they are interested.
Some B-schools include MBA specialization in the general MBA curriculum for a full-time course of 2years. In the first part, they train their students about the overall MBA program structure; in the second, they allow them to select a MBA specialization.
Popular MBA program concentration includes finance, economics, operations, marketing, human resources etc. Business schools are making an effort to launch new MBA specializations that are more suitable for the market demands.

Type of MBA Program specialization that is in demand
Aspirants who have chosen the career of MBA through full-time, online, or executive courses have to select one specialization. MBA Specialization means getting expertise in a particular field.
These are the top MBA program specialization in India. Let's discuss in detail about the course.

Master of Business Administration in Finance is concentration in finance. This MBA program precipitates a smooth and excellent career in the finance world. After completing the course, people can enter the field of investment banking, taxation, financial planning, financial analysis and reporting, insurance sector, banking sector, financial market, corporate accounting and many more.
The program is structured so that the students learn and get trained to analyze the company and financial reports, forecast the economic trends, interpret and maximize investment portfolio, and apply the principle of financial risk management. The job scope of an MBA in finance is listed below:
Popular career options

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Revenue Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Examiner
MBA in Human Resources, HR is for candidates willing to grow their career in Human Resources. Human Resource is an integral part of every organization, whether big or small. This department focuses on recruiting and retaining suitable talents, management and cooperation between employer and employee. The HR professionals are vital participants in companies' growth. Hence they are required to develop some additional skills. This MBA program in Human Resources will enhance their abilities. It will practically train the individual in hiring, retaining new systems, and building smooth relationships at all levels of firms. By 2025, the Human Resources Management market will grow immensely at a CAGR of 11% globally. The job scope of an MBA in Human Resource Management is listed below:
Popular career options
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Hr Operation Manager
  • Vice President of Human Resources
MBA in Marketing Management is a versatile MBA program for candidates who are working in the marketing field or want to pursue a career in this field. This MBA specialization guides the candidate with the latest market trends, innovations, strategies and applications. It also helps them to understand consumer behaviour and sales ethics. This program will train the individual for the fastest-growing marketing field. The job scope of an MBA in Marketing Management is listed below:
Popular career options
  • Sales Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Brand Manager
Logistic management is a vital part of supply chain management. The MBA program strives to train eligible candidates to become future supply and chain management managers. With internet advancement, the logistic system and every activity have become complex, which requires an expert to deal with the system. Hence this MBA program will help the candidate to develop such skills. The job scope of an MBA in Logistic Management is listed below:
Popular career options
  • Inventory Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Logistic Manager
  • Warehouse Operation Manager
MBA in Information and Technology or MBA in IT is a well-known MBA program; with everything getting digitalized in the workplace, this course has taken a boom among aspirants. Even people with expertise in another field are interested in joining this program. It is a specialized course in information security, telecommunications, IT project management, and many more. The job scope of an MBA in Information and Technology is listed below:
Popular career options
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Information System Managers
  • Project Manager -IT Software
  • Program Manager
A holder of an MBA in Operations Management is responsible for looking over the smooth and efficient working of companies' operations. The program includes learning and training various business aspects of planning, manufacturing, production, supervising, service and maintenance. The candidate will help in the smooth functioning of the company's day-to-day activities. The job scope of an MBA in Operations Management is listed below:
Popular career options
  • Operations consultant
  • General Operations Manager
  • Technical Operations Manager
  • Area Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager
We have discussed the well-known and demanding specializations of MBA programs in India above. By opting for this MBA concentration, one can get a desirable career. Besides this, one must take the course from the B-school. One of such best B-schools is ITM Vocational University Vadodara

ITM Vocational University Vadodara
ITM Vocational University Vadodara is the best-affiliated college UGC approved. It is the part of ITM groups. The university offers unique MBA courses with different MBA specializations. The courses are well crafted based on the latest trends, on-campus training, and versatile and experienced in the field faculty trains the students.

ITM students get excellent campus placement in top organizations with the industry's highest package.

To know more about the institute and explore the various MBA program with specialization/ concentration of the Institute of Technology and Management (ITM) University Vadodara, please visit their website and explore a virtual tour of the campus by clicking on the below link:

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