Blogs Why should you consider getting a B. Tech degree? What makes it different from other degrees?

Why should you consider getting a B. Tech degree? What makes it different from other degrees?


It is no surprise that the demand for engineers has increased over the past decade. This is because of the advancements in technology and the rapidly expanding industries. The demand for engineers has led to a surge in the number of colleges offering engineering degrees.

All the technical courses are quite popular among students because of various benefits such as good salaries, job security and growth opportunities. And one such degree which offers all these features is B. Tech or Bachelor of Technology. Here’s why you should consider getting a B. Tech degree:

Better growth prospects

If you are a student who wants to earn a degree that will open up better growth prospects, then you should consider getting your B. Tech. The degree is known as one of the top degrees in India and other parts of the world due to its high demand and job prospects. And second thing a student should consider is, getting B. Tech course in the best institutes of India.

It is also considered to be a very good option for those who are looking for better job opportunities and salary in their future careers. In addition, it offers various other benefits such as better career prospects, higher satisfaction rate with work life balance, better working environment etc., which makes it stand out from all other degrees available nowadays.

Hands-on training

One of the most important aspects of getting a B. Tech degree is the hands-on training. Learning by doing and by working with others is key to becoming an expert in your field, so it’s important that you are given opportunities to work on projects with other students and professionals. You should also be able to apply theory to practice; this will help you understand how what you learn applies in real-life situations.

Finally, one of the best ways for students to learn is through making mistakes; this is true for programs outside of school as well as those within it! When something goes wrong during a project or experiment, take note: why did it happen? What could have gone better? How can we prevent similar issues from occurring in future projects?

High salaries

The average salary of a B. Tech graduate is much higher than that of a graduate with a Bachelor's degree. The average annual salary of a B. Tech graduate in India is INR 2, 20,000 - 3, 00,000 per year while that of an engineer is INR 1, 35,000 - 1, 75,000 per year

For example: If you want to work as an IT consultant then your salary will be different from what it would be if you were working as a software developer or project manager for the same company at another location across the country!

Vast career options

A B. Tech degree from a reputed college can offer in a wide range of fields, and can provide you with the skills to work in a variety of industries. Some of these fields include aerospace engineering, business analytics, and computer science. You can also find B. Tech programs that teach you how to design and build products such as robots or drones, while others focus on business administration or technology management.

 Whatever field you decide to pursue as an aspiring engineer, your bachelor’s degree will have prepared you for whatever roles may come your way down the road, whether it be robotics engineer or IT director at a large corporation!

Better job opportunities

  • Better job opportunities: B. Tech degree holders get better job opportunities in the market. With a more rigorous and broad-based education, they are also able to handle challenges better than those who have only a general degree.
  • Higher salaries: A best B. Tech degree holder can expect to earn around $30000-$50000 per annum at entry level and an average annual salary of Rs 10 lakhs as per NASSCOM’s Aspiring Minds report from 2017. This is higher than what most other college graduates make in India or abroad.
  • More job opportunities: The demand for technology engineers is high across industries and companies across the globe due to their specialized skillsets such as computer science, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering etc., which make them sought after by both start-ups & established businesses alike looking for talented yet affordable employees with specialized skillsets required by their business needs today
  • Better Job Satisfaction: People with BTech degrees tend to have higher levels of satisfaction with their jobs compared with others who did not graduate from these courses since they offer more creative freedom while still providing structure when needed which leads up into higher performance levels as well as lower stress levels (which leads into better mental health overall).

Financially stable future

With a B. Tech degree, you have the opportunity to make a much more financially stable future for yourself. The average starting salary for graduates with a B. Tech degree is about Rs 8-10 lakh per year, which is double the amount that other graduates earn in their first job!

Furthermore, these are only averages; it’s entirely possible to earn even more than this as an engineer. This high pay can also lead to greater earning potential in your career over time—a survey found that engineers with bachelor's degrees had an annual wage increase of nearly 20% over those without one.

There’s also no doubt that having an engineering degree will help you find work easier than other trades or disciplines: according to another survey by Monster India, graduates from technical universities (including engineering) had almost twice as many job offers than those who graduated from liberal arts colleges.

Diverse work culture exposure

You will get to work with people from different backgrounds and you will also be exposed to diverse work cultures. This is because your classmates, professors and industry experts are likely to hail from different parts of the world. It is one of the best ways for you to gain exposure in varied fields.

You will get an opportunity not only to work on different projects but also in different industries where you can apply what you have learned from school into real life scenarios.

You’re bound to get a job across geographies as well due to the global outreach of many universities offering B. Tech degrees. In fact, some companies even operate internationally or have branches across various locations which would mean that they value candidates with such degrees over others who don’t have them!

A B. Tech degree can help you secure a lucrative career.

A B. Tech degree is a post-graduate degree and can be acquired after graduating from an undergraduate program. A professional degree, it also confers an added advantage of being recognized worldwide by both the government and industry alike. The recognition that comes with a B Tech degree makes it easy for graduates to get into some of the most prestigious companies in India; this helps them secure lucrative careers even while they are still studying.

In fact, according to various surveys conducted by various organizations, it has been found that graduates with a B Tech degree start earning on average Rs 3 lakh (approximately USD $44000) per month during their first job! With such high salaries on offer, one can only imagine why so many people are going out of their way to get one!


If you're looking to get a B. Tech degree, make sure that it is from an accredited university. This will help ensure that the degree meets industry standards and will be recognized by companies when they are hiring new employees. It's also important to keep in mind what type of training you'll receive during your time at school so that you can be prepared for whatever comes next in life!

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